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three imaginary boys and one seeing eye bitch
10 August 2010 @ 11:11 am

The profile is outdated as regards the stacking system, but still fairly representative. I'm a student of French and German Literature and Gender Studies, an avid collector of paperback classics and dramatically patterned garments, a second-rate comic actress, and a frequent traveler manquée. The contents of this journal are fairly evenly divided between rants about my exuberant exhaustion and useful information about (or speculation on) the lives and works of dead persons (frequently French and regularly Romantic) of more or less lasting cultural relevance.
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three imaginary boys and one seeing eye bitch
06 March 2008 @ 06:12 pm
It was pleasant to learn that you expected our correspondence to be read in the international salons and boudoirs of the future. Do you think they will be able to distinguish between the obfuscations, mystifications, efforts at humor, and plain statements of fact? Will they recognize my prime feelings as a correspondent - the catacomb from which I write to you, seeking to secure some word from the real world, or at least news of the Far West - and sigh with compassion? Or will they just think that I am nasty, an over-eager clown, gauche, awkward, and bookish? Will they understand that I am always direct, open, friendly, simple and candid to the point of naiveté until the ways of the fiendish world infuriate me and I am forced to be devious, suspicious, calculating, not that it does me any good anyway?

-- Delmore Schwartz, in a letter to James Laughlin from May 8, 1951
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