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"If we make history now we won't be back for breakfast."

News from the space age bachelor pad

three imaginary boys and one seeing eye bitch

"What, then, makes you so attached to life?"

"Ah! A thousand reasons!"

"What reasons, if you please?"

"What reasons? The air, the sky, the morning, the evening, the moonlight, my good friends the scoundrels, our jests with the girls, the beautiful architecture of Paris to study, three fat books to write, one of them against the Bishop and his mills, what do I know? Anaxagoras said that he was on earth to admire the sun. And then, I have the good luck to pass my days in the company of a man of genius, that is to say, myself, and that is enormously agreeable."

This is the personal diary of a person with very little of a personal life. Current preoccupations include John Everett Millais' struggles with rodents and finding a pair of boots that actually fits. (Ceci n'est pas une métaphore.) For the next three years I shall be a student of French and German literature in Marburg, and that is as far as my plans for this life extend, boots not considered.
It (meaning the diary) is (and you should note this if you have any intention of friending it, which you are welcome to do, just as you are welcome to leave if you have got quite fed up*) updated often and at some length, and it does not have a theme or any specified ambitions. Much rather, being (as stated) a diary, it is about the contents of my room and the contents of my head - both of which are largely the same, since I am a shameless collector of material goods (primarily of the pressed variety: paper and records), as well as organised in largely the same manner, i.e. in high, shaky piles. The items at the very top are, naturally, those which occupy me at present, and more often than not I am not as much as halfway into them. The items at the bottom are hard to unearth without toppling over a wealth of more or less reasonably associable other items. Said items, those in the middle, have the apparent purpose of holding the pile together and the even more apparent purpose of constantly flying all over the place and making it impossible not only to focus on the top or bottom items but to recall in precisely what order they themselves had been arranged.

*Our likelihood of getting along is determined equally by whether or not we have interests in common that are slightly more substantial than caffeine consumption and the colour red and by whether or not you have already come to the conclusion that I am inordinately pompous, or more precisely, whether or not you have a pronounced distaste for the fact, which in itself is hard to ignore.

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